About Tanning Beds.

I've had a couple people ask about the tanning bed references on the website, which otherwise seems to have nothing to do with the indoor tanning business. In short, I work in the tanning bed and tanning lamp business. This is why you might find example pages and other pages that are obviously work up pages on one or more of the personal websites I have. I use the sites to develop webpages, css, html, perl, php, whatever, for my work. Nothing more. Often they end up staying on the websites simply because I don't have a reason to remove them.

A little background: I started working for a tanning bed manufacturer back in February of 1994, UVA SunSystems, Inc. Actually, back then, they were a distributor of Montego Bay, then SonnenBraune. Before I arrived, they were the North Carolina distributor of Sun Industries, Inc., (They made Sundash, Suntana Tansyou. They are now owned by Ergoline.) They bought out the designs and trademarks for SunMaster from Mathews, who had also owned Montego Bay, which was sold to PC Marketing.

I had left a job managing a pawnshop (really), and previously spent a great deal of time in the marketing field. Regardless, I spent my first year doing technical work and even delivering tanning beds, in addition to my first priority, which was to manage their computer network. After a year, I was moved into sales, one more year later I was the sales manager, of sorts. My 2000, they were big enough to have me dedicated to IT and marketing, which is what I have done since, in addition to other side projects I have worked on (opened my own pawnshop then sold it 6 years later, musician in a few bands, opened and closed a sound shop, etc.) I lead a relatively active life. But I digress...

You can safely ignore all the tanning references and old workup pages you find here and on pharmboy.org, they are just there for my convenience, as working up html is much easier on a real linux server than on your own Windows computer. You might instead be interested in some of the real websites I write, solely for fun, education and for the benefit of people being able to find my work, these include:

TanningBeds.org - This is a question/answer type website for people that own tanning beds. Here I feature technical explanations of how to do things to your tanning bed, such as repairs, conversions, etc.

TanningBulbs.org - I have reworked this one a few times over the years. It is mainly a faq like website with information about tanning lamps (tanning bulbs, same thing) and includes some comparisons. It servers to inform and promote the company I work for.

TanningBeds4Less.com - This is the primary tanning bed sales website. This is my bread and butter. The focus is obviously toward the sales of tanning beds and booths.

TanningLamps4less.com - Similar to the above, but the focus is more about lamps, particularly for tanning salon owners.

Tanning-Beds.net - This is another (partially) developed ecommerce website for selling lamps and beds.

Ok, while this was not likely the most exciting webpage you have ever read, it does explain a few things. - Dennis