About us

MyPanda is the creation of Dennis and Panda Brown. Yes, this is her real name and she is my Panda. Get your own.

The blog was created because a few of us in the family are interested in biodiesel, and to a lesser degree, other alternative energy sources. None of us are experts in any way. What we are is curious, and a blog is the best way to gather and catalog information. Of course, everyone is welcomed to visit and I hope you find something you like.

The style is free-form, and I write pretty much what I want, how I want. My spelling is terrible, my grammar is suspect, and it is brutally obvious that I am not a journalist by trade, but rather by choice. The purpose of the site isn’t to create prose, but to be fast and easy to read, quick to search and find what you are looking for, and (hopefully) educational.

It is updated irregularly, sometimes 20 posts in a week, sometimes months between posts. This isn’t the New York Times, after all. I will update old articles if needed, and try to keep everything as accurate as possible. Mainly, my goal is to learn as much as I can about biofuels in general, and catalog that information here.

If you email me, I will reply, usually within 24 hours unless fishing for the weekend. I get lots of great ideas that way, so send links and details and a way to email you back. Remember, the purpose of the blog isn’t to show how smart I am (damn good thing…), it is to share info that I dig up and that you share.

Dennis Brown