Quick look at biodiesel in California and Europe

Posted in General at 7:02 am by Dennis Brown

I am working on a rather large article that covers an entire county in Iowa, thanks to an email from a visitor, but until then, I found an interesting website that answers a lot of questions I had about biodiesel, such as “Can I use biodiesel in a kerosene heater?” (answer: it is a bit thick, you probably need to blend it with kerosene and experiment to get the right blend). The FAQ page can be found at http://www.ybiofuels.org/bio_fuels/FAQResources.html.

The company is called Yokayo Biofuels, in Ukiah, CA. and they make and sell biodiesel. They show prices for biodiesel at $3.85 (including CA tax) or $3.35 for farm use, although these obviously change from time to time. It is worth noting that California doesn’t give ANY breaks for biodiesel use and taxes it at the same rate as petrodiesel. Ironic coming from the state that preaches “green”, not puting its money where its mouth is.

On another note, I was reading an article at http://www.gulfnews.com/business/Oil_and_Gas/10079963.html that raised an interesting point. Europe is also trying to increase their biodiesel production four fold in the next 3 years, “However, in order to meet the expected future increase in output, Rahkamo said Europe will have to look to importing feedstock from outside the region.” This means opportunity for American farmers and entrepreneurs, although most of the imports are expected to be from Asia and South America.


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