Must See Biodiesel Related Videos

Posted in General at 8:42 am by Dennis Brown

This is the permanant page for biodiesel related videos. Each will open a new window so you don’t lose your place here.

* Motorweek Discusses Biodiesel (8 minutes)

* Odd video compilation of Daryl Hannah promoting biodiesel (4 min. 38 secs, mediocre quality). She runs biodiesel in an El Camino, which I find extra cool.

My Top Pick Videos

* Trucks Episode – Making biodiesel (11 min. 33 secs.) Nice video explaining what biodiesel is and a VERY GOOD tutorial on how to make it yourself. This is a must see for anyone new to biodiesel.

This video talks about Freedom Fuel America, who links to dealers who sell complete kits for making your own from used vegetable oil. The kit is about $3000 from Biodiesel Solutions, who also sells other products related to biodiesel, including other kits. The kits make as little as 2 or as many as 40 gallons per batch for about 70 cents a gallon, not counting the initial cost of equipment.


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