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Biodiesel in the news so far this month. This is not an exhaustive list, just what has caught my eye thus far in October 06.

The Register has two recent articles, including Ericsson Goes Green and an odd report where a German inventor denies turning cats into biodiesel.

Reuters is reporting that oilseed processor Bunge plans two biodiesel plants in Spain. Reported Oct. 2nd 2006.

Scotsman.com recently reported another biodiesel plant going online in Grangemouth, Scotland. Keep in mind, we pay MORE tax for diesel than gas, whereas most of Europe pay LESS tax for diesel than gasoline, although still higher than we pay for either. Regardless, they are investing £60 million, which is over $112 million US dollars, according to this site. I would fully expect Europe to take the lead in biodiesel production because fo these tax advantages, as well the fact that a large portion of the cars in Europe are diesel, once again due to tax advantages.

ADM makes the news with an article on The Motley Fool titled ADM Wins Biodiesel Bet. It shouldn’t come as a shocker to see ADM involved in biodiesel, as they have the potential to become the future Exxon of the biodiesel world. It also links to this article which covers Shell Oil and others entry into biodiesel. (Warning, articles may require registration. I suggest using the email address, not@given.com, which seems to just let you log in without a password. If you need a password, try “password”.)

It appears that many companies are TALKING about biodiesel, but the main players who are investing the real money tend to be smaller companies or entrepreneurs willing to take a risk. Likely, Big Oil will be last in line to actually have significant production, although since they own the delivery infrastructure, they surely won’t miss out on making a dollar with biodiesel. Of course, this is one of the good things about biodiesel, it is so new, there is opportunity for new people to make a difference, whether they are farmers, chemists or venture capitalists.


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