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Posted in General at 4:24 pm by Dennis Brown

Jeez, you would think that the nation’s finest journalists could get it right, especially when it comes the 101s of biodiesel. No wonder people are confused. Let me give you an example from the ABC News website post I just found here. It was written by Becky Worley.

There is a lot of confusion about biodiesel, so here’s the skinny: Biodiesel is a blend of traditional diesel (aka dino-diesel) and vegetable oil.

No, biodiesel is NOT a blend of petro diesel and veggy oil. Go read about transesterification, Becky. She didn’t even mention B5 or B20… blends, so I could tell this was going to be ugly.

You can switch back and forth between biodiesel and regular diesel if you have to. The only difference when using biodiesel is you may have to switch your oil filter more often.

No, you might have to change it ONCE when you switch to biodiesel because it will clean all the garbage left from petro diesel. Once you change to a blend or pure bio, you will probably change it LESS often. Again, she doesn’t understands what biodiesel is, even though she is authoring a report on it. She also didn’t mention potentially longer engine life, but I wouldn’t have expected that since the jury is still somewhat out on that issue. Oh, and you don’t really “switch back” anyway. The engine doesn’t know the difference from petro diesel, biodiesel or a blend.

Some people modify their diesel engines to run a fuel called straight vegetable oil. These are the folks who back up to a McDonald’s and take all its fry grease. SVO and biodiesel are different animals in the same family. Biodiesel is a lot less hassle than running an SVO vehicle.

I wasn’t aware that Mickey D’s was having to put locks on their grease traps, but whatever. SVO and biodiesel are different animals, biodiesel is what you get after you process SVO. I almost fainted when I read the one line that was accidently correct, that it is less hassle to run biodiesel than SVO, although the concept of gel point and such completely escaped her. I don’t think she understands you can take old McGrease, lye and alcohol and make biodiesel either.

She goes on and spews a bunch more of this. (read for yourself) I don’t think she had any malice intended, it just appears she went to a single blog or asked someone waiting for a bus for her entire research. The stuff she got wrong wasn’t even hard to find info for. Any responsible journalist would have done more research before publishing something that was this misleading, even if by accident.


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