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Just a quick first post to give you an idea of what is going on here. This blog is setup to research and gather information about biodiesel. I am not an expert in biodiesel technology, and I am probably much like you, very curious and wanting to learn more about it. This means I make mistakes and sometimes get it wrong, but correct myself when I do. We can learn together.

If you can’t stand speling errors or the occassional mistake, you won’t like this site. I focus on content, not style, and I am not a professionally trained journalist (this is probably obvious by now). The vast majority of articles do not allow commenting at this time for two reasons: Running other blogs has taught me that most posters are just spammers, and most the info is for you to use or at least read the links. Besides, I want to spend my time learning, not policing a blog. The site isn’t specifically editorial in design, although I don’t hesitate to give my opinion from time to time.

Feel free to us the Contact/Email links to drop a line, and I will usually answer it. I am open to other ideas, and even other authors. We may add ads later to offset costs, or not. Our goal isn’t to make money, or become the defacto site for biodiesel, it’s to provide a place for links relating biodiesel, and to a lesser degree, other biofuels and alternative energy links. This is done for personal curiosity reasons, not a career move.

Thanks for popping in. Be sure to read the Privacy Policy, About Us and other pages.


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