This one didn't get away

Caught by Dennis Brown on April 20, 2007, 5pm at Lake Higgins in Greensboro, NC, from the main fishing peer. ($2 for residents)

Tackle used: $15 Shakespeare rod and reel combo from Walmart, using the original 4lb test line that came with it.  Used one Berkeley "Crappie Nibbles", yellow (about the size of a kernel of corn).  #4 Lazer Sharp crappie hook, red.  Line broke from hook just as he was landed on the pier.  Hooked in upper lip.

Was pretty fiesty, and it took about 20 minutes to land him, with some help from a regular visitor.  Replaced the line afterward, as it was stretched beyond use.

Official weigh in:  21.65 pound carp, was released back into the lake in very good health.

Image quality is poor, it is a scan of an image that was printed on the city owned printer....

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